Clicksor Cost Per Click Advertising Review

Clicksor has been around since 2004, and has since established its position as a reliable cost-per-click advertising platform.

Their website is well organized and full of useful information. Actually, that may be an understatement: Clicksor’s website is one of the most transparent, information-packed ad company sites out there.

Ad Formats:

Clicksor used to support more types of ads. Today, they offer four types of ad formats: Text Ads, Graphical / Rich Media Banners, Pop-unders and Interstitial Ads.

Clicksor’s pricing:

Clicksor offers two pricing models: CPC, PPC, CPM, CPV and CPI. They are all dynamic and bid-based.

The CPC model is used in the banner & intext ads, which is understandable. Because of their design, they have a high enough conversion rate to make a CPC model viable for any advertiser.

The initial deposit for Clicksor is $20! So Clicksor is a good starting place for testing campaigns and begin your business.

Geolocation and targeted users.

Clicksor supports users globally, but it has a nice and useful feature: when the quality of traffic is low, it drops a particular region due to its click-mill behavior. This guarantee that the quality of traffic is constantly high.

Clicksor provide high quality supporter. Being a well-known brand in web advertising, they try to maintain a high standard of customer service and they succeed in doing so.

Sign up is fairly standard, even though it may have a few more fields to fill in than some other ad networks. After filling in the registration form and depositing, we are able to create our campaign. After logging in we are greeted by a well-designed self-service platform. Everything is in its place, it is readable and easy to navigate.


Clicksor is a reliable source of high quality traffic. They would not have achieved their current position on the market with anything less; while the user experience has changed a bit over the last couple of years for advertisers, it is completely understandable in such a shifting and dynamic field as web advertising. overall, despite their specialized ad formats, Clicksor ads network is a good choice for a lot of different campaigns, and anyone beginning in the field should seriously consider their ad system.